Information about Public Body

The Village of Mackinaw maintains the village water/sewer system, maintains roads and infrastructure, and fulfills the needs of day-to-day operations for the Village of Mackinaw residents.

The Village of Mackinaw has 10 full time employees and approximately 15 part time employees.

The Village of Mackinaw is governed by the Village of Mackinaw Board of Trustees.  Additionally, the Zoning Board of Appeals and the Local Liquor Commission operate under the capacity of the public body.



The Act requires that public bodies must list (catalog) all types or categories of records under their control which are prepared or received after July 1, 1984.


Please note that the Act requires the list to be by "type" or "category" of records, and not by listing every individual record.


Below is a list of documents maintained by the Village of Mackinaw:

 Accounts Receivable

Annexation Petitions

Annexation Plans

Audit Reports

Bank Reconciliation

Bond and Note Records

Building Permits

Budgets and Related Documents

Cancelled Checks

C.D.A.P. Grant Applications

Check Registers

Community Development Assistance

Comprehensive Plans


Crime Reports


Demolition Permits

Employment Applications

F.O.I.A. Requests

Federal and State Grant Records

General Administration Files

General Complaints

General Correspondence

General Forms

General Ledgers

I.M.R.F. Files

Inactive Personnel Files

Insurance Claims & Policies

Investment Schedules

Job Descriptions

Legal Actions/Litigation

Legal Notices

Maintenance Records

Maps of the Village and Surrounding Area

Motor Fuel Tax Records

Oaths of Office

Payroll Records

Payroll Register

Personnel Files

Police Complaints

Police Department Grant and Contract Information

Police Reports

Procedural and Administrative Manuals

Program Files & Agreements

Purchasing bid and contracts files

Research/Legal opinions

Right-of-Way Vacations

Risk Management/Insurance

Sewer Construction Permits

Sign Permits

Site Plans

Street and Name Designations

Subdivision Agreements & Plats

Tax Returns


Telecommunication Tower Construction Permits

Utility Tax Returns

Vehicle Titles

Vendor Files

Village Board Agendas

Village Board Minutes

Village Code and Revisions

Village Election Information

Village Officials Economic-Disclosure Statements Village Ordinances

Village Policies and Procedures

Village Proclamations

Village Resolutions

Warrants/Accounts Payable Registers

Water/Sewer Connection Records

Water/Sewer Billing & Deposit Records

Water/Sewer Files

Water/Sewer Rate Schedules

Zoning Board of Appeals Agendas

Zoning Board of Appeals Cases

Zoning Board of Appeals Minutes


Village Hall
100 E. Fast Ave
Mackinaw, IL 61755
(309) 359-5821

Police Station
102 E. Fast Ave
Mackinaw , IL 61755
(309) 359-8914