Golf Carts and/or Utility Terrain Vehicles

Per Mackinaw Village Ordinance 985, golf carts and/or Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTV's) are allowed on village roads as long as they meet the proper requirements. For a copy of this ordinance and to view the requirements, please see the attached documents below.

The Mackinaw Police Department is responsible for inspecting, registering and issuing permits to golf carts and/or UTV's that will be driven on village roadways. Golf carts and/or UTV's driven on village roadways are subject to many of the same requirements as passenger vehicles under the Illinois Vehicle Code, including the requirement of liability insurance and licensed operators. Officers will register your golf cart and/or UTV at your residence or at the Police Department. A $35.00 registration fee is required before a permit will be issued.  This payment can be made at either Village Hall or the Police Department.

Below are the required documents for registering your golf cart and/or UTV with the Village. Please be sure to read each document in its entirety. When you are ready to register your golf cart and/or UTV please be sure to have all required forms with you, including the copy of the Village Ordinance pertaining to golf carts and/or UTV's. You will also need to provide a driver's license, driver's license of any additional operators listed, and an insurance card showing valid and current proof of liability insurance on the golf cart and/or UTV.

Village issued golf cart / UTV permits are only valid for village streets, with a few exemptions:
- Only on streets with a posted speed limit of 35MPH or less.
- They cannot be operated on a truck route (Orchard St. – Route 9 to Fast; 100 blk E. Fast Ave; N. Main St. from Fast Ave.)
Fast Ave. from Leopold east (towards Heritage Lake) is not a village road.
From the 800 block of W. Fast Ave to Route 9 is not a village road.
Maximum speed for a golf cart or UTV is 25MPH
Golf carts and UTV’s are NOT ALLOWED on Illinois State Route 9 but may cross it at a 90-degree angle.
Anyone operating a golf cart or UTV must possess a valid driver’s license and must obey all traffic laws of the State of Illinois, and must also have a valid permit from the village.
Driving a golf cart or UTV on the walking trail is prohibited.
You CAN get a DUI while operating a golf cart or UTV, even on private property.
We appreciate your help and cooperation. As always, we are dedicated to the citizens that we serve!